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Chapter 651 – Zhu Mengyi’s New Technique position volatile
Su Yang rubbed his metallic-like rod against her pink slit for the great occasion well before applying it within the drenched opening.
Do-It-Yourself – Spackled And Spooked
“Mmmm…” Zhu Mengyi closed her sight so she could fully love this instant and enjoy the solid liquid right before swallowing it without doubt.
“We cultivated collectively virtually every time ahead of we offered birth,” Zhu Mengyi reacted. “On the other hand, we barely get it done these days, when we are too hectic using our little girl, and probabilities of this nature are unusual.”
Someday down the road, Wu Jingjing taken off her lips from Su Yang’s meatstick and spoke that has a s.e.xy grin, “I’m so whole it is like I am expecting a baby again…”
A few moments after, Su Yang’s volcano erupted just as before, photographing his whitened lava into Zhu Mengyi’s mouth area.
While Wu Jingjing skillfully worked the blade of the sword together with her mouth area, Zhu Mengyi utilised her mouth to ma.s.sage the spot directly below, carefully licking his sack of jewels.
“Ahhhh~!” Zhu Mengyi m.o.a.ned loudly as her intrinsic wall structure had been spread vast open with the beast serpent that penetrated her cave, sensing like she’d moved into paradise.
Section 651 – Zhu Mengyi’s New Approach
‘Ahhh… I have been longing for this particular sweet taste and stickiness during my mouth ever since I initially tasted it…’ Zhu Mengyi thought to herself, sensation incredibly happy.
“Calm down, Sister Jingjing. It won’t injure him,” Zhu Mengyi thought to her.
“Ah?! Exactly what are you carrying out, Sister Mengyi!?” Wu Jingjing cried in a shocked tone of voice when Zhu Mengyi suddenly summoned her Azure Alchemy Fire and wrapped them around Su Yang’s sack of jewels almost like it turned out a cauldron.
Wu Jingjing nodded right before shoving his complete shaft deep down her tonsils and patiently patiently waited for your eruption.
When Su Yang removed his meatstick from her oral cavity, Zhu Mengyi opened up her lips and showed him the little whitened lake in her own mouth area for the limited time prior to taking everything in one motions.
“It’s quite smart individuals to apply your Alchemy Flames in such a manner, however for you, it’s not my first-time suffering from this. With that said ,, your control over the temperatures and fire is really fantastic, and it seems great overall. I can tell that you’ve carried on to the office challenging even with I remaining.”
When Su Yang spotted her wonderful phrase, his sword trembled just before stiffening a lot more.
“What do you think, Su Yang? Have you possessed your b.a.l.l.s warmed by Alchemy Fire? And should it feel happy?” she questioned him afterward.
A couple of occasions in the future, Zhu Mengyi put her hands appropriate beneath Su Yang’s sack of jewels prior to she suddenly—
“We’ll see…” Zhu Mengyi grinned mysteriously to obtain a simple moment before continuing to suck on Su Yang’s shaft.
Wu Jingjing’s eyes increased with surprise when the amount of Yang Qi was significantly more than she’d antic.i.p.ated. On the other hand, she tried out her a good idea to not prohibit the pa.s.sage in the tonsils and allowed all the things to circulate into her stomach, experiencing as though she was water without having ingesting motions.
“Because I have said— there may be almost almost nothing I haven’t already experimented with before following life for centuries. In the event you somehow manage to supply a ‘new’ working experience, I’ll prize you.”
“I am going to bear that in mind for the future whenever i am more experienced for a mother, because i am already overcome by one child…” Wu Jingjing mentioned.
Immediately after sucking for some moments, Zhu Mengyi suddenly stopped and believed to him, “I’m planning to attempt new stuff, Su Yang. Don’t be frightened if you’ve never knowledgeable it well before.”
Discovering her aggressiveness, Su Yang was reminded of his time along with her inside of the cauldron space, in which they developed collectively for several days with barely any pauses in-among.
“Ahhh… so tasty…” Zhu Mengyi sighed in a cheerful speech and with an enchanting phrase on the lovely encounter.
“Ahhhh~!” Zhu Mengyi m.o.a.ned loudly as her intrinsic wall space have been spread out broad open because of the beast serpent that penetrated her cave, emotion as if she’d moved into paradise.
“Numerous Alchemists I actually have developed within my former lifestyle would start using their Alchemy Fire to please me soon after our second or next time together with each other,” he was quoted saying to her.
“Mmmm…” Zhu Mengyi closed her eyeballs so she could fully love this instant and enjoy the thick fluid well before taking it without doubt.
*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*
Su Yang rubbed his stainless steel-like rod against her pink slit for any excellent minute right before placing it in the moistened hole.